There's been no official word yet from Netflix or any of the creatives involved, but that still hasn't stopped us from getting positively giddy over the news that the streaming service may be reviving "Gilmore Girls" for a limited series run. Now, one of the titular stars has responded to the squeal-inducing news.

In a tweet sent out on Monday evening shortly after the news broke, Lauren Graham attempted to calm her frenzied followers -- but also stoked the flames a bit, too.

"DUDES. I can't confirm this," Graham wrote, sharing a link to one of the original reports. "But I also can't deny this..." she added. (She also retweeted a post from onetime "GG" guest star Madeleine Albright, who tweeted, "I hope the rumors are true!")

That ellipses is pretty telling, since it clearly indicates that the actress has more she wants to say, but probably can't just yet. After all, multiple sites reported that there are no current deals in place with any of the original cast members (though talks are ongoing, reportedly), and the show can't possibly move forward without at least both Graham and Alexis Bledel attached. So Graham is probably trying to temper excitement for now, until everyone important (or available, anyway -- they probably won't be able to wrangle Melissa McCarthy) has signed on the dotted line, and the revival is officially greenlit.

It also indicates that Scott Patterson was right all along when he inadvertently spilled the beans back in May that something "Gilmore"-related was in the works. It's likely that if Patterson knew way back then, Graham did, too -- she was just waiting to say anything publicly until all the pieces were in place.

Regardless of who knew what when, we're just glad that this really, truly appears to be happening. Keep your fingers and toes crossed, fellow fans.

[via: Lauren Graham]

Photo credit: Jack Plunkett