The filming of Leonardo DiCaprio 's upcoming movie "The Revenant" may have been a total clustermakewhoopee, but the first trailer was intriguing and the two new posters -- featuring Leo and Tom Hardy -- are stunning.

You may have seen a previous teaser poster, just showing off the landscape, but the two new posters for "Birdman" Oscar-winner Alejandro G. Inarritu's film zero in on the main stars -- DiCaprio's explorer Hugh Glass and the friend who betrays him, Hardy's John Fitzgerald.

Blood lost. Life found. "The Revenant" is based on the 2002 novel of the same name, inspired by the real life of frontiersman Hugh Glass, who was mauled by a bear in 1823, then left for dead by his companions who had robbed him before they left. (Way harsh, Tai.) When Glass regained consciousness, he set out to get revenge against the non-friends who abandoned him. Leo's comin' for you, Hardy!

Although it doesn't look or sound terribly festive, "The Revenant" will be released in theaters on December 25. This is not only a potential Oscar contender, it's also aiming for box office heft, so we'll have to see if the ends can justify the hellish means.

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