Victor Frankenstein EXCLUSIVE - Life Is Beautiful
Dr. Frankenstein has the cure for what ails you: immortality.

"Igor and I stand on the cusp of creating life out of death," says Victor Frankenstein (James McAvoy), attempting to convince lady friend Lorelei (Jessica Brown Findlay) that he's on the brink of scientific breakthrough, in Moviefone's exclusive first look at "Victor Frankenstein," hitting theaters November 25th. The conversation then turns to matters of science, with Igor (Daniel Radcliffe) getting in on the action.

"Victor Frankenstein" is a new twist on Mary Shelley's classic "Frankenstein" tale, one that focuses more on the the relationship between the genius Dr. Frankenstein and his equally brilliant protégé, Igor. Just like in the classic story, Victor's experiments go too far, and only Igor can bring his mentor back from the brink of madness.

Watch the clip, then check out "Victor Frankenstein" on Nov. 25th.
Victor Frankenstein
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Igor Strausman tries to save radical scientist Victor Frankenstein from his monstrous creation. Read More