Victor FrankensteinMessing around with life and death is a frightening proposition for some. For James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe in "Victor Frankenstein," it's exhilarating.

McAvoy plays Mary Shelley's famous doctor, with Radcliffe as his loyal assistant Igor. In this clip, they're dining with the beautiful Lorelei, who's dubious about their idea of bringing the dead back to life.

"Every day, science and technology changes the way we live our lives," Igor (Radcliffe) notes. And Frankenstein himself argues passionately for the ability to resurrect a murdered man to testify against his killer. Victor Frankenstein EXCLUSIVE - Life Is Beautiful
But, as those of us who know this story are well aware, technology can become a terrifying beast and science can spiral out of control. Perhaps Lorelei is right that "life and death are different."

"Victor Frankenstein" opens in theaters November 4.

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Victor Frankenstein
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