Have you ever wondered what famous landmarks might look like after a zombie apocalypse? "The Walking Dead" showed a version of undead Atlanta, and may give a glimpse of Washington, D.C. "Fear the Walking Dead" is still covering Los Angeles, "28 Days Later" showed London, "World War Z" took a cool look at Jerusalem, and "Dawn of the Dead" just went to the mall.

Pop culture loves the ZA, especially when it demolishes anywhere teens might hang out. So the designers at DesignCrowd used their imaginations to show what major cities and landmarks might look like in a walker-infected world. Graphically destroyed cities include Paris, London, New York, and Sydney, plus the poor Taj Mahal in India.

It looks like the New York designer went for an approach similar to "I Am Legend" (which is not a zombie movie, but still). And you have to imagine they were aiming for "HELP" in London, although it could just as easily be "HELL."

The photo above is a montage of undead cities, but you can check out more designs, and larger versions of those images, at Designcrowd.

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