Talk about hot to trot. Michael Fassbender has a strong effect on people and animals, including a "badly-behaved" horse named Prince on the set of the 2011 movie "Jane Eyre."

Graham Norton brought up the subject on his Friday show, asking about this particular horse. Fassbender looked a bit embarrassed, but said Prince "used to get quite aroused whenever I got on his back." Fellow guest Julie Walters quipped, "I can understand that." (Mrs. Weasley, you naughty thing!) Fassy said Dan, the horse handler, had to get on Prince and give him a little trot so he could retract his little, you know, and then he was good to go.

Here's Fassy, telling the story:

Considering it was a classy Charlotte Brontë period adaptation, it was hardly a good time for the audience to be distracted by ... that. Not that there's a good time, unless you're making an Adam Sandler movie or something. Either way, gross. But now whenever we watch Mia Wasikowska's "Jane Eyre" we'll be thinking of Prince's special love for Michael Fassbender. At least the horse has good taste!

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