Jessica Jones"Jessica Jones" might be small, but she can drink you under the table AND throw you across the bar with one hand.

Netflix has released the final, full trailer for its upcoming Marvel series, and it's a doozy. We've been enjoying the little teasers that have come out so far, which helped set the mood and atmosphere of the show. Now, this trailer gives us more insight into the plot and characters. Jessica (Krysten Ritter) is a disgraced, disillusioned superhero who is trying to escape painful memories by opening a detective agency.

But the past comes back to haunt her, as her secret is discovered by friend Luke Cage (Mike Colter) and mind-reading enemy Kilgrave (David Tenannt). Jessica has to embrace her abilities to make sure nobody else dies on her watch.

The series looks dark and gritty in a very appealing way, and Ritter has always been a master at tossing out sarcastic barbs. Jessica Jones, we might be in love.

All 13 episodes of "Jessica Jones" will be available to stream on Netflix November 20.

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