Screening of 20th Century Fox's "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" - ArrivalsThis is almost too meta for non-superpowered brains to comprehend. Hugh Jackman, aka Wolverine in Marvel's "X-Men," tweeted a video of Ryan Reynolds, in full burned "Deadpool" makeup, doing an impression of Hugh Jackman and pitching the Australian actor for People's next Sexiest Man Alive.

Here's the tweet and video:

How wonderfully random! Hugh Jackman is a great choice for Sexiest Man Alive, and tweeting a video of Ryan Reynolds pitching him is a more humble way to campaign than doing his own video. But Hugh should now dress as Wolverine and (somehow?) do a Ryan Reynolds impression to pitch the "Deadpool" star for the same honor. Ryan was already the 2010 cover boy, but Hugh had the title back in 2008, so either one could be a repeat.

Who would you rather see as the next Sexiest Man Alive -- Hugh Jackman or Ryan Reynolds? Or would you pick someone else? Or would you rather People just stopped this nonsense altogether?

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