If you're like us and value your sleep, you probably nodded off into your Ambien dreamland before the party started on post-prime time TV. Don't worry; we've got you covered. Here's the best of what happened last night on late night.

On Tuesday, Daniel Radcliffe was on "The Tonight Show" playing Water War, and on Wednesday his "Victor Frankenstein" co-star James McAvoy gave Jimmy Fallon a ride on his shoulders. Fallon clearly has the best job ever. Both James and DanRad shaved their heads for different movies. James said his wife kinda likes his bald head and his son likes it because, when he rides on James's shoulders, he can rub the spikes on his head. So James asked Jimmy if he'd like to try it. Let us all try! Although, it is slightly creepy to see Fallon gleefully rubbing McAvoy's head like that.
Then they showed how James would look with different hairstyles -- including The Trump, Questlove, and Guy Fieri. He's a much better Guy Fieri than Guy Fieri. Jimmy Fallon broke into his suggestion box and read off several ideas, putting a few into action. One was a request from a fan to bring out The Undertaker from WWE to "Tombstone" a guy in a turkey outfit on the show. Rob Lowe has a gold McDonald's card that guarantees him free food for a year. He explained to Jimmy Kimmel how he got it, and it involves the inventor of the Egg McMuffin. Kimmel improved the latest Republican debate by taking the audio and setting it to "Wacky Races." Adam Levine talked about "The Voice" Season 9 and confirmed that, to him, "Blake's still an idiot." And did you know that Adam was a writer's assistant on "Judging Amy" and a guest star on "90210"? Lou Diamond Phillips can do a perfect(ly sexy) impression of Antonio Banderas, and he showed it off to Conan O'Brien: Jesse Eisenberg, who is "95 percent vegetarian," talked about his family's vegan Thanksgiving, that they call "Thanksliving," buying and saving turkeys and putting their photos on the table. THAT IS ADORABLE. Sorry, meat-eaters but that is awesome and he wins for this. Then they eat tofu as the main meal, which can be delicious if made well but you have to get creative. Carey Mulligan wrote a fan letter to Eminem once. She was 16 and had just seen "8 Mile" so she penned an earnest note to "Mr. Eminem." James Corden said she's "Stan." Last but not least, did you know that Christoph Waltz is obsessed with the bass player on "The Late Late Show"? He interrupted James Corden the last time he was there, to get an introduction, and he returned to the show last night to make it clear he's there for Hagar Ben Ari. At least he has good taste. But isn't he married?
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