"Heads Up," You Know Who is returning to "The Walking Dead" on Sunday, November 22. No, not Voldemort. He's not coming until the Season 6 finale.

We're only up to Episode 7, "Heads Up," which is when many fans expected Glenn Rhee ("Game of Thrones" and "The Leftovers").

The Spoiling Dead Fans does a weekly Q&A with spoilers and their latest round shared how Glenn comes back to us. Basically, if you guessed that he hid under the Dumpster, you win the free can of crazy cheese.

Here's that portion of their Season 6, Episode 7 Q&A:

How does Glenn escape?

The old hide under the dumpster trick. Cheap. (Glenn basically waits it out until the walkers leave. Enid spots Glenn first from a roof and throws him some water down after he gets out.)

Does Glenn make it back to Alexandria?

Yes to the outskirts (Glenn releases the balloons he had to signal he survived the mission)

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So Enid (Katelyn Nacon) and Glenn both return this week, and even though Enid doesn't quite save Glenn -- the Dumpster of Death saves him -- she is there for some reason. Why did she leave Alexandria to begin with, and will she return with Glenn now? Another question: Will they include Steven Yeun's name in the opening credits or save his name for the Episode 8 midseason finale so as not to spoil the "surprise" of him being in "Heads Up"? But he's probably one of the surprise guests who'll be on "Talking Dead" this week, right?

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