UPDATE: Well, the spoiler bootlist was right in the end: Jeremy, Spencer, and Tasha were indeed the final three. It was a clean sweep for Jeremy -- unanimous. All 10 votes. On the upside, that means Tasha and Spencer tied for second. And that finale! The epic idol ties, the drama. Kelley, you are a legend. Sorry to see you leave fourth.

Original story:

"Survivor" Season 31
(yes, can you believe it?) is now airing, and "Survivor: Second Chance" is one of the best competitions CBS has ever aired. Maybe it's the returning players, all "losers" hungry for a win, or the many twists that have only improved the gameplay and have yet to feel like desperate gimmicks. It's rare to have so many players pushing to win, with very different strategies, and we can't wait to see who ends up the sole survivor of "Survivor: Cambodia."

Who will it be?

Well, the edits certainly give us some hints. For example, we could've told you it wouldn't be Kelly Wiglesworth even before she was eliminated in Episode 9, since she had almost no screen time, including confessionals. Spencer Bledsoe is still the confessional king. The producers have him narrating the season, like this is his story and everyone else is a supporting player. Then again, Jeremy Collins's edit is starting to pick up, especially once he found his SECOND idol. If he plays them right, and maintains his strong alliance, he is a major threat to win.
There are a couple of things that make us think Jeremy goes very far and could win. Not only has the idea of Jeremy winning come up a few times -- from Kass McQuillen and Ciera Eastin -- host Jeff Probst just gave a strong hint that Jeremy does well.

Here's a portion of Jeff's November 19 Q&A with Entertainment Weekly'sDalton Ross, with Jeff arguingthat Jeremy's move to vote out his ally Wiglesworth was smart (whereas maybe it wasn't so smart for Stephen Fishbach):

As for Jeremy, I totally understand Jeremy's move because he trusts Stephen, and this season especially, the premium on trust is at an all time high. Jeremy is playing a very sophisticated long game. Here's the thing that players rarely understand their first time playing — odds are you are going to lose. The odds are not great that you are going to win. If we start with 20 players, 19 of them will lose. That's a 95 percent chance you will lose. Get this in your head: If you play Survivor, you will most certainly lose. Which is why you have to play to WIN. Confused? (Ah, it's easy, says the guy in the blue shirt who has never played a day in his life.)

"Very sophisticated long game." That sounds good for Jeremy. And then there's the bootlist that has been making the rounds since September. It is already off when it comes to the jury, but it was billed as "close to order" and it seems likely that the finalists -- including ones with family visits (fv) -- would be accurate, unless it's intentionally trolling. Always possible.

(Warning: Potential spoilers ahead)

Here's the list:

PreJury (in order)

Terry (evac)

Jury (close to order)

Abi (fv)
Kimmi (fv)
Kelley (fv)

Final 3

Jeremy (w)

That gives Jeremy the win, but don't take it for gospel, since it was already wrong about Andrew/Stephen. This list may be accurate about the finalists, or it could be an attempt to hide what really happens. "Survivor" wouldn't be "Survivor" without some sneaky, sneaky strategy so we'll just wait and see.

Who do you WANT to see win the million? Still rooting for Kelley Wentworth at this point, but if Jeremy holds onto his alliance and plays his idols well, he'd deserve the win.

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