the walking dead, walking dead, glenn, midseason finale, season 6, the walking dead season 6, 607, 608"The Walking Dead" wraps the first half of its sixth season on Sunday, and as we head into the midseason finale, there are still a bunch of storylines that need addressing. Who will live, and who will die? What other dangers await our survivors, aside from the walkers now walking around Alexandria? Here are a few things to look out for tonight.

The Alexandrians Need to Prove Themselves

This is the most obvious obstacle currently facing our survivors: Last week's episode ended with the church tower crumbling down, taking out the community's wall with it. Now, dozens of walkers are streaming in, and Alexandria is once again under attack. How will its residents handle this new, undead challenge? The Wolves' assault left the community broken and battered, both physically and emotionally. Can they rise above that anguish, and put their newly-acquired training into use? These people have proven themselves inept to just about every challenge thrown their way; there's a good chance that that will still be true tonight, and the results could, once again, be devastating.

Wolves May Pounce Again (With an Assist From Enid)

All those zombies milling around could mean another Wolf attack, since the Alexandrians will be distracted as they try to fend off this fresh threat, paving the way for the Wolves to once again infiltrate the community and finish what they started. They also have to rescue their friend, who Morgan has hidden away in a cell. And they may have another accomplice on the inside: Enid. Based on her previous actions, we're pretty sure she's a Wolf, though her recent run-in with Glenn suggests she's trying to turn over a new leaf. But as the saying goes, you can't teach an old dog Wolf new tricks, and even if she doesn't go back to her original pack, she still remains stubborn and moody and seemingly uninterested in investing in others on an emotional level. Will her chat with Glenn change her ways? Or is she due to give in to her true Wolf self, and once again help take down Alexandria from within?

Glenn and Maggie Still Need to Reunite

As for Mr. Rhee, miraculously surviving what should have been certain death is just one the latest amazing feats he's accomplished. He's also been traveling alone with a teenage girl, too, and that's gotta test anyone's sanity. Will we finally see his long-awaited reunion with Maggie? His poor, pregnant wife has been worried sick about him, and now that he's finally given her a sign that he's alive, it would be cruel to further drag out their separation. Then again, this is "The Walking Dead," and cruel character developments seem to be the name of the game. (See: Faking Glenn's death in the first place. Still not over that.) The fact that the wall came down only moments after Glenn sent up those balloons may mean that this story has to remain unresolved until the show returns in February, serving as a dramatic cliffhanger to stew over in the months ahead.

Morgan's Morality Is in Jeopardy

Morgan has been determined to stick to his "All life is precious" routine, even in the face of the Wolves' pure evil (and despite Rick, Carol, and Michonne's best efforts to convince him of his foolishness). He kidnapped a member of the pack in an effort to get him to see the error of his ways, and eventually change, just like Morgan did. But also like Morgan, this Wolf is obstinate, too, and tells his captor that even if he dies, the Alexandrians won't win this fight. So will Morgan be forced to change his tune, and kill this man before he kills him (and the rest of the community, including its children)? Morgan's trajectory has been building toward a big moment like this, and he's been questioning his moral code for a few episodes now; will he break that code, or will he simply break?

There's a New Sheriff in Town -- and Not Everyone Is Happy

As we mentioned in our season six preview, a major power struggle has been brewing in Alexandria, and it's set to boil over at any minute. Rick, with Deanna's blessing, has asserted himself as the de facto leader of the community, and while there have been a few loudmouths who questioned this decision (Carter, who's dead; Blue Shirt Guy from episode 3, who's dead -- sensing a pattern here?), it's been an unspoken rule that the constable is pretty much in charge now. But Spencer isn't a fan of this turn of events (his daring -- and dumb -- attempt to climb over the walkers without Rick's consent proved that), and will likely continue to butt heads with Mr. Grimes. He almost got himself killed last week; could his hotheadedness finish the job tonight (and take down some bystanders, too)? And then there's Jessie's son Ron, who stole some bullets and seems determined to kill a cocky Carl (and he's not a big fan of Rick, his mom's new boyfriend, either). His possession of a now-loaded weapon could spell serious trouble for our original survivors.

Another Mysterious Group Is Nearby

Yet another potential danger is the mysterious sect that Daryl discovered in episode 6, which promised safety to those around them at a high price (and also tried to kill him, Sasha, and Abraham). He helped a trio of defectors evade its search party, though the surviving duo eventually double-crossed him and returned to the fold, lamely explaining that even the illusion of security in this inherently dangerous world was good enough for them. Their gang seems poised for a return (was it them crying out on the walkie talkie?), especially if they happen to show up just as the walkers (or the Wolves) are streaming into Alexandria. What will they ask – or take – in exchange for help? Or maybe they won't help at all, but let our survivors dangle until they're desperate enough to need assistance, no matter the cost? That could be prime time to swoop in and appear to save the day – and some of the weaker-minded members of the community (pretty much all of them, save our core group) may be more than eager to give up anything to get back some of their recently-lost peace of mind.

"The Walking Dead" midseason finale airs tonight at 9 p.m. on AMC.

Photo credit: Gene Page/AMC