Daddy's Home Exclusive Clip - Basketball Shot
Well, at least he loves his kids...

Will Ferrell plays the stepdad of wife Linda Cardellini's two children in "Daddy's Home," with Mark Wahlberg as the biological father. This forces Ferrell's mild-mannered executive Brad and Wahlberg's badass free spirit Dusty to compete for the affection of the kids, which already sounds like comedy gold. And now you can see some of that gold in action in this exclusive clip from the movie, which comes out on Christmas Day.

In the scene, all five extended family members -- wife Sarah, kids Megan and Dylan, and both dads -- are at a basketball game when Ferrell's Brad gets a chance to shoot from half-court and potentially win a family vacation to Disney World. All he has to do is sink a basket, and even though he slurs "Nothin' but net!" before shooting, you can see that he does hit something other than net. And she's probably not happy about it.

Even before doing ... that ... he says he's going to make it right, so we can expect something else to have gone wrong even before this pretty embarrassing moment. But dang it, he's trying, and he did say he loves the kids, so that's what counts, right?

"Daddy's Home" is in theaters December 25th, 2015.

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