Is it a compliment to be a really convincing stripper? Christian Bale and Teresa Palmer both star in Terrence Malick's upcoming movie "Knight of Cups." Because Malick is Malick, he doesn't do things the usual way, with introductions and pre-planned scenes. That can lead to some misunderstandings, as it did for Christian and the "Warm Bodies" actress.

Christian recently had a nice long interview with the Evening Standard, and talked about how the director gave everyone else script pages, except for him. Malick was fond of pushing Christian into scenes without giving the actor a clue what he should say or do -- or whether he was in a scene with an actor or a non-professional, since Malick cast both.
"Even when they were actors, Terry would still tell me they weren't," Christian said. "We were filming in a strip club, and Teresa Palmer's there in her little silver hotpants and I'm asking her how long she'd been dancing for? Does she enjoy it? What got her into it? I had no idea that she was an actress until about a week after working with her. Suddenly I saw a billboard with her face on it and I went 'What?'"

Poor guy, trolled by both Teresa Palmer and Terrence Malick. Do you think Teresa thought he was just in character or did she know he was clueless? Either way, hopefully she got a few $50s off him.

"Knight of Cups" is scheduled for release March 4, 2016.

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