If you're like us and value your sleep, you probably nodded off into your Ambien dreamland before the party started on post-prime time TV. Don't worry; we've got you covered. Here's the best of what happened last night on late night.

Starting in January, "Sesame Street" is moving to HBO for first-run episodes. How will a family friendly show like that fit in on a network like HBO? "Jimmy Kimmel Live" decided to do a test run Tuesday night, taking dialogue from "Game of Thrones" (the Hound chicken scene!) and setting it to a scene with Muppets. Grover looks a little too natural dropping those f-bombs. Just saying. It's probably not his first time.

Here's a returning favorite: "Santa's Lap or Flu Shot?" Jimmy Kimmel -- always fond of sad kid stories -- showed photos of crying children and the audience had to guess whether the child was on Santa's lap or getting a flu shot.

"The Tonight Show" was feeling the Bern Tuesday night, with Sen. Bernie Sanders sitting next to Jimmy Fallon. They played a little Whisper Challenge and Jimmy asked Bernie if he's more concerned with beating Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. He said he's looking forward to beating Donald Trump.
Love this: Conan O'Brien calls foul on Chris D'Elia's manspreading during their interview. "Close your legs!" Heh. Well, he is on "Undateable" for a reason.
Also love this: Here's the legend Andy Richter sharing his Gift Guide For Guys. The suggestions are a BIT pricey, but don't miss the random plot twist with details on getting your testicles injured in the state of Illinois. Thanks for the tip, Andy!
This is also random, but see what you think of it. It's John Cena reflecting on life and meeting his "inner child" Troye Sivan:
It's hard to believe "Downton Abbey" is ending, but it is. Sniff. Here's Michelle Dockery (Lady Mary) talking about the premiere of the final season and the awkward times she has been recognized in public. Seth Meyers could relate.
Marion Cotillard was on "The Late Show" to promote "Macbeth," but also illustrate to Stephen Colbert that most things sound much more intriguing when said in French. So much is bleeped out!
Last but not least, here's James Corden recalling the time he bumped into Taraji P. Henson before they both auditioned for the role of Cookie on "Empire." Looks like the role went to the right person.

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