The Americans"The Americans" didn't get any love from the SAG Award nominations this morning, but the FX spy drama is still one of the best shows on television (at least according to critics).

FX released a VERY brief teaser for season 4, which debuts in March. It doesn't show much, but sets a pretty grim mood as you see Keri Russell's Elizabeth firing a gun — and then a gun pointed at her from behind.
Does that mean betrayal will be a big theme in season 4? As "Americans" fans know, the season ended with Elizabeth and Phillip (Matthew Rhys) admitting to their daughter, Paige, that they are Russian KGB agents. Paige, in turn, wrestled with the revelation — then decided to call her pastor with the truth. How that action affects her parents will, no doubt, be a major storyline in the beginning of season 4.

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