Warning: Spoilers ahead from the "Scream Queens" Season 1 finale.

"Scream Queens" Season 1 just ended, with the revelation of multiple Red Devil killers: Boone (Nick Jonas), Gigi (Nasim Pedrad), Pete (Diego Boneta), and Boone's twin sister, Hester (Lea Michele), who was the only (known) Red Devil left alive after the FOX comedy's season finale.

Lea Michele's Hester was the mastermind behind the killings and also the framing of the Chanels, who ended up in an asylum where -- surprise! -- they were actually happy. (Emma Roberts's Chanel Oberlin may not stay happy since the Red Devil found her in the end.)

Now what?

Before Season 1 started, Ryan Murphy told Entertainment Weekly, "Whoever survives—and there will be people who will survive—they will go on next season to a new location and a new terror. Unlike 'American' Horror Story, which completely reboots, this has some of the continuity in that some of the characters and some of the relationships continue into a new world."

On that note, after the finale, Entertainment Tonight talked to Lea Michele about the future of her character. If there is a "Scream Queens" Season 2 (which is not official at this point), would Lea be up for bringing Hester back?

Here's Lea's enthusiastic reply: "Of course! What do you mean? I'm already waiting, I'm patiently waiting! Obviously, Ryan has shared with a few of us what his ideas for next year are and I think that they're so exciting and I'm down. I think it will be really great too to see Hester in that environment. Ryan shared that next year there would be a whole new killer and so to see her really in the position of being the victim, I think would be really fun to play."

ET asked for any predictions on the next killer. "Oh my gosh, I don't think it gets any better than the Red Devil, but we'll see. I'm sure whatever Ryan has in his mind is better than anything I could think of on my own."

If Lea wants Hester to return, she probably will, but who else might be back? The Chanels? The Dean? Grace? Zayday? Please bring back Glen Powell's Chad Radwell and Niecy Nash's Denise Hemphill. They. Are. Gold.

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