Lucy Lawless Stars In The Show XenaNBC's Xena: Warrior Princess" is continuing to add creative power behind-the-scenes, with the news that an original writer from "Lost" has joined the series.

Deadline reports that The 100," has joined the reboot, which he will executive produce alongside original "Xena" creators The Middleman," which was made into a short-lived TV show starring "Parks and Rec" alum Natalie Morales.

Grillo-Marxuach -- who also penned a lengthy, fascinating history of the original "Lost" writers room earlier this year -- confirmed his involvement in the "Xena" project on Twitter, posting a photo of himself with a Xena doll. He noted that he's expecting a daughter soon, and wants to give his unborn child some great female role models -- but also cautions that the project still needs the official go-ahead from NBC brass.

As for just which badass heroine will lead the new "Xena," it's still unknown if original titular star Lucy Lawless will be involved with this iteration. Lawless had previously expressed interest in starring in a "Xena" reboot, and NBC reportedly does want the actress to take part in the series in some way, but it's unclear yet just if or how that will happen. Our fingers are crossed that we get to see her wield her giant sword (and don that killer leather skirt) again soon.

[via: Deadline, Javier Grillo-Marxuach]

Photo credit: Getty Images