EXCLUSIVE Clip  -  "The Danish Girl"
At the end of a bad day, all you want to see is your loved one. But what if you came home to your significant other with a very different face?

That's what happens to artist Gerda Wegener (Alicia Vikander) in this exclusive clip from "The Danish Girl." Distressed, Gerda comes home expecting to find her husband, Einar (Eddie Redmayne), whom she's encouraged to dress as a woman. Instead, she finds Lili, Einer dressed in women's clothing.

"You should've been there," Gerda says.

"How could I? Look at me," Lili responds.

Gerda is on the verge of tears. "Not everything is about you."

Right now, all she wants is to talk to her husband. Not Lili -- Einar. They're one and the same, yet not.

It's an intense confrontation between the two. Gerda has been supportive of Lili's journey so far, but now she's realizing that she's lost something as Lili has gained something else.

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