The 2016 Critics' Choice Awards nominations may have come out more than a week ago, but that hasn't stopped "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" from nabbing a Best Picture nomination from the organization anyway.

The Broadcast Film Critics Association announced on Tuesday the unusual decision to award a late nomination to the flick, which opened on December 18, well after other nominees had screened for and been nominated by the organization. Nominations were originally announced on December 14, but the BFCA called an emergency meeting on Monday to discuss the possible last-minute inclusion of "The Force Awakens," and held a vote to determine whether or not to hand the film a nomination.

Results of the vote were not revealed, but the count was enough to make "The Force Awakens" the Critics' Choice Awards' 11th Best Picture nominee. All 10 previously-announced nominees will remain in contention.

Though it's certainly odd for a movie to nab an awards nomination after nominations have already been announced, Variety notes that this isn't an unprecedented move by the BFCA: The organization did the same thing in 2000, when "Cast Away" screened too late for initial nomination consideration, but was later handed an 11th slot among the already-selected Best Picture nominees.

Considering all the craziness that this awards season has already produced, we'd expect nothing different from the Critics' Choice Awards. Here's to more movie-related shenanigans ahead.

[via: Variety]