Gilmore Girls (WB) Season 1, 2000-2001Episode: Love and War and Snow  Airdate: December 14, 2000Shown from left: Alexis Bledel (as Rory Gilmore), Lauren Graham (as Lorelai Gilmore)Neither Gilmore Girls," but all the activity on the Warner Bros. lot lately indicates that the abridged reunion is a go -- and starting production soon.

Twitter user @caddyglass shared some snaps on the social media site late last month of a visit to the WB studio lot in Los Angeles, where "GG" was originally filmed, and the evidence all but confirms that something is brewing in Stars Hollow. @caddyglass reported a "fresh coat of paint on miss patty's dance studio," as well as a bunch of signs with the official "Gilmore Girls" logo holding certain props and sets for use later this week and month.

Along with Miss Patty's, other recognizable scenes from @caddyglass's visit include Mrs. Kim's house and antique shop (which is also getting a paint job), the barber shop pole that sits outside the front door, and the familiar blue interior and glass exterior of Luke's diner (plus lots of fake food for set dressing). Those images, coupled with the posted signage, indicate that production is beginning soon -- within a matter of days, in fact.

News broke in October that Netflix would revive the mother-daughter series for a limited run, written and produced by "GG" creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and her husband, Daniel Palladino. While no one has said anything on the record yet, star Lauren Graham didn't exactly deny the news. Word on the street is that the series will run for four "mini-movie" episodes of 90 minutes apiece; the entire thing will reportedly take place over the course of a calendar year, with each episode devoted to one of the four seasons.

We can't wait to hear more. Stay tuned.

[via: @caddyglass, @caddyglass h/t E! News]

Photo credit: The WB/Photofest