Jimmy Fallon Sings With Billy Joel

"The Tonight Show" and, of course, The Piano Man sat at the piano to sing us a song. Jimmy Fallon jumped right in and they sang the Rolling Stones's "Beast of Burden" together. Fallon's Mick Jagger impression is still on point. Of course, Jimmy wouldn't be Jimmy if he didn't ham it up, and he went Full Jagger and got the audience to join in.

However, topping that is this impromptu performance of "The Longest Time" from Billy, Jimmy, Billy's band, and actor J.K. Simmons -- this was just during a commercial break as they shot some local promos:

Speaking of J.K. Simmons, the multi-talented "Whiplash" actor admitted that he accidentally head-butted Lupita Nyong'o when accepting his Oscar last year. He suggested Fallon go back and watch what happened in slow motion.
This is just a good nightmare at the Golden Globes story, whether you know who Amy Landecker is or not. She's a star of "Transparent" but she was also in "House of Lies" and had a sex scene on that show with Don Cheadle. That's the focus of her story on "Conan," sharing what happened at last year's Golden Globes. First, Amy talked about how she misunderstood how they were going to shoot that "House of Lies" sex scene, and they ended up shooting it three times, from behind, and she told her agent she never wanted to do another sex scene again, it was just too much. Fast-forward to the Golden Globes, her first time at the event, and she was all amped up and tried a little to hard to be cutesy and funny on the red carpet. So when she saw Don Cheadle talking to Jeffrey Tambor, she approached him and said, "Hey, Don, you remember me? You f--ked me up the ass three times." Eek. The punchline: Don turned to her and said, "My kids are standing right behind me." She turned, and not only were his kids there, his wife was there glaring at Amy with her arms crossed. So Amy started to cry right there on the red carpet. Jimmy Kimmel, always the smart a--, had his team go out onto the street and ask strangers to congratulate North Korea on their hydrogen bomb. The running theory was, if a question is asked cheerfully enough, Americans will respond to anything in a positive way. This has to be fake, or just editing misdirection and these poor people were being sarcastic or responding to something else. Anyone else miss "Parks and Recreation"? Retta told Seth Meyers she hears "Treat Yo Self" 10 times a day, which actually sounds like a low estimate. She also shared her own TV recommendations, listing the shows we should all be watching. Agree with a lot of her choices. Seth said "The Affair" is an "interesting" show to watch with his wife, since it leads to a lot of tense moments. "Mr. Robot" star Christian Slater talked about revisiting "True Romance" for a live reading with Patricia Arquette -- and she showed up in full Alabama costume. That movie is so COOL. Besides, Floyd smoked the second page of the letter. #OldSchoolPitt James Corden is always game for a good time, so he had audience members play a game called "Fake or Flop," checking to see if they could tell the difference between fake past movies and real ones. It's hard to believe some of those movies really happened. The best part is just seeing James interact with the audience. He flips off a guy who thinks he looks like Kurt Russell and shames a fat Matt Damon. Jerry Seinfeld was on "The Late Show" and got a standing ovation and a chant of "Jerry" before doing some standup for about five minutes. Whenever Kathy Griffin is on the late night circuit, she disses Ryan Seacrest and she did it again, sharing more stories about their fake feud. The best part is how HARD Kimmel laughs everything. She also dinged Kimmel and shared Anderson Cooper stories, and revealed what happened about two weeks ago when she insulted "looney tunes" Sean Penn's hair to his face.

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