The 100Fire up the war drums for season 2 of "The 100."

As a new, extended trailer for The CW's post-apocalyptic drama shows, the fragile peace between the Grounders and Sky People is close to shattering. Not a surprise, since the two sides are fundamentally opposed, as the Sky People try to carve out a place to live and prosper, while the Grounders are keen to protect their stuff.

Whither Clarke (Eliza Taylor), the onetime leader who united the two groups to battle the common foe at Mount Weather? After the events of last season, she's still on her walkabout in the wilderness, though "everyone" is hunting for her, as Indra notes in the trailer.
She's not the only one who seems broken: Jasper is still heartbroken, Raven seems to be grappling with some problem, and Bellamy is trying to keep it all together. There's a glimpse of a hot new pairing, as well as a mysterious civilization with a tall tower at its center — the Grounders capital, perhaps?

Season 2 of "The 100" premieres January 21 at 9 p.m.

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