"A Larger World" looms ahead on "The Walking Dead" Season 6. The AMC show shuffles back to us on Sunday, February 14, and it's now inviting fans to piece together clues on what's to come.

AMC just posted the new mid-season premiere poster, along with this little tease of an intro:

"What does the world have in store for Rick and the survivors when The Walking Dead returns this February? Today AMC unveiled the official poster for the second half of The Walking Dead Season 6, which features a collage of images from upcoming episodes. Check out each image yourself and look for clues about what's to come.

Over the last week, each image from the poster was released separately on The Walking Dead Instagram."

Here's that Instagram, with fans sharing some pretty interesting (and funny) guesses for each photo. The images are "from upcoming episodes," so not just standalone clues. On its own, we'd say that cross hinted to Paul "Jesus" Monroe, a new character coming up, but maybe that's just someone else holding a cross. The hands we should see right in Episode 9. Morgan Jones (Lennie James) on a horse bodes ill for the horse, since #NoHorseIsSafe on TWD. There's a scarred Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and our old buddy the RV -- but what's up with the satellite, do you think? Clues on that?

Check out the vertical version, in case your mind can process the images better this way:

Thoughts? All will be revealed starting Sunday, February 14, when the final eight episodes of Season 6 begin.

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