Now it seems obvious, but this marks the first time a badass action comedy followed the abduction and rescue of a kitten named Keanu. Where has this movie been all our lives?!

Keanu Reeves himself does not appear to be in "Keanu," but "Key & Peele" comedians Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele star as friends who plot to save their stolen cat by posing as drug dealers for a street gang.

The first trailer just dropped and it's red band, featuring strong language, George Michael songs, a ridiculous scene with Will Forte in dreads, and the world's cutest little gangsta cat.

Check it out: Keanu (2016) - Red Band Trailer No. 1
Entertainment Weekly recently showed off a first-look photo from the movie, saying "Keanu" tells the story of two "blerds" (black nerds) who impersonate gangsters. "This entire movie was basically the most expensive adorable-kitten video of all time," Peele told EW. (He co-wrote the movie with Alex Rubens.) "Overall it's meant to satirize how pop culture paints masculinity and what it means to be African-American — and how many of us don't fit into the mold expected of us."

Love it already. "Keanu" stars Key, Peele, Forte, Nia Long, Jason Mitchell, Method Man, and Luis Guzman. It's scheduled for a release of April 29, 2016, but the trailer just says "coming soon," so hang in there and hug a kitty while you wait.

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