"Joy" New York Premiere - Red CarpetThe Sundance Film Festival is in full swing in Park City, Utah, and has attracted scores of celebrities to attend screenings, panel discussions, and plenty of glitzy parties. But one celeb who's not there is still making his presence known, in the form of a head-turning doppelganger.

Both People and Page Six report that a man who looks an awful lot like Bradley Cooper -- who does not have a film playing at the festival, and who is not currently in town -- has been passing himself off as the star to crash several parties at the festival. The shenanigans started this weekend when the doppelganger reportedly started dropping Cooper's name to try to get into some high-profile private bashes.

According to People, it sort of worked, and for two nights in a row this lookalike snuck into some impressive parties -- or tried to, anyway. Here's the lowdown on his M.O., per Page Six:

We're told the doppelganger talked his way into a bash for the film "White Girl" at Bar 53 at Rock and Reilly's on Saturday, but organizers "quickly caught on."

"He said, 'You're done for!' and would not give ID," said a spy of the "star" when he was confronted by security. "He pushed a button on an iPhone and had a picture of 'The Hangover' as his screensaver."

Perhaps using a picture from "The Hangover" as your I.D. was not the smoothest move, dude.

As for just who this mystery man is, one enterprising Jezebel commenter took it upon themselves to do some digging, and discovered an Instagram photo of the purported imposter posing with a fan, who appears to have been tricked into thinking this guy was the actual Cooper. Check it out for yourself below, and see if you'd be fooled, too. (For the record, though they do look somewhat similar, we'd like to think we've seen "Wedding Crashers" enough times to know the real deal from a real fraud.)

last night chillin with Bradley at Sundance #bradleycooper #Sundance

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[via: Page Six, People, Jezebel, Instagram]

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