"The Revenant" is up for 12 Academy Awards this year, with Leonardo DiCaprio considered *thisclose* to a lock for Best Actor. Conan O'Brien addressed the film in his "Conan" monologue, and mentioned the "pretty intense scenes with animals, particularly bears and horses." He added, "A lot of animal rights groups would normally be concerned about this, but the director went pretty far out of his way to show that no animals were harmed during the making of 'The Revenant.' You can tell when you watch the movie."

He then posted a clip from the movie, which includes a shot you probably don't recall seeing in the theater, where a horse that looks like it's about to fall off a cliff magically flies away, then tells the audience, "See? I'm fine, everybody! I die peacefully in my sleep eight years from now. So long!"

Here's the clip:

It is kind of funny that audiences are much, much more concerned about what happens to film animals than their human counterparts. Maybe it's easier to imagine it's real when it happens to an animal, whereas we know Leo is alive and well and probably romancing a new supermodel as you read this.

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