Cast Members Of NBC's Comedy Series Friends Pictured (L) To R : David Schwimmer As RossAudiences only have to wait a few more weeks before they can watch the "Friends" cast reunion for themselves, and according to one star, the event was as wonderful as you're imagining.

David Schwimmer spoke to Entertainment Tonight about the gathering, which took place last week at a ceremony saluting legendary television director James Burrows, and featured the casts of several shows Burrows shepherded, including "The Big Bang Theory," "Frasier," and "Will & Grace." The event was taped, and will air on NBC next month.

According to Schwimmer, the experience of reuniting with almost the entire "Friends" crew (minus Matthew Perry, who's in London rehearsing for a play) couldn't have been better, and Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, and Matt LeBlanc were all thrilled to be there for Burrows.

"It was just lovely to be in the same room and to honor Jimmy, who we all really love," Schwimmer told ET. "He is a prolific director and he really, really helped forge the cast as an ensemble, and really clarified all those relationships from the get go. So it was lovely to be there."

Burrows has directed 1,000 episodes of television since his career began back in the 1970s, including stints on classic sitcoms such as "Taxi," "Cheers," "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," "The Bob Newhart Show," and "Laverne & Shirley." He helmed the "Friends" pilot, as well as many more episodes throughout the show's first few seasons, including the infamous "The One Where Ross and Rachel Take a Break."

"Must See TV: A Tribute to James Burrows" premieres on NBC on February 21.

[via: Entertainment Tonight]

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