Get these two their own buddy movie, stat! George Clooney was on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" to promote "Hail, Caesar!" and they attempted a last-minute "E.R." reunion sketch. However, no one from the original cast showed up except Clooney, so Kimmel had to call in "House" alum Hugh Laurie to play doctor backup. It was glorious. Glorious!

First, Kimmel broke character as the patient to apologize to Clooney for the lack of "E.R." co-stars.

Clooney: "Julianna Margulies?"
Kimmel: "Yeah, she's filming 'The Good Wife.' She couldn't make it."
Clooney: "Noah Wylie?"
Kimmel: "He wanted to be here, but I guess he's got a thing with his family, Taco Tuesday."
Clooney: "Eriq La Salle?"
Kimmel: "Oh no, Eriq La Salle had jury duty."

Kimmel offered to cancel, but Clooney said, "No, when George Clooney commits to an E.R. sequel..." Kimmel cut in, "... reunion?" and Clooney broke the fourth wall to correct himself.

The real magic happened when Kimmel said they did get "someone" for Clooney to work with. In limped Hugh Laurie (who was in "Tomorrowland" with Clooney), complete with his old "House" cane. Laurie and Clooney looked under the sheets at Kimmel's, uh, issue and tried to save him. "I don't do microsurgery." It's too good. Somehow, "Rapper's Delight" was involved, too. Apparently that heals people?

Watch and love:

Amazing. It wasn't much of an "E.R." reunion, but if Hugh Laurie had diagnosed Jimmy with sarcoidosis it could've been a classic "House" episode.

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