You know how "Back to the Future Part II" has an alternate 1985? In an alternate 2006, Channing Tatum had 's role in "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift." If only he hadn't botched that audition! Then again, it's hard to imagine Chan could be getting better roles than his eclectic mix right now, so maybe it's all for the best.

Chan was on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Wednesday night to promote "Hail, Caesar!" and Jimmy asked about his worst-ever audition. The actor had his story ready:

Channing: "That was 'Fast and the Furious 3, Tokyo Drift.' I wanted to go to Tokyo very badly."

Jimmy asked if it's a good sign to be picking a film based on where you want to go on vacation, which is a fair point.

Chaning: "I stopped in the middle of the audition. I was like 'I think we're done, right? This is terrible.'"

Jimmy: "Why?"

Channing: "I have no idea. I don't even know if it was -- I blocked it out, mainly, so I don't remember the specifics. I think it was a combination of me being just bad, not remembering the lines, totally freaked out, I was probably sweating a lot."

Jimmy: "You know, I have to say, this is a great lesson for kids, because people say, you know, 'Keep fighting.' No, just cut bait and give up!"

Channing: "Just get out of there."

Jimmy: "That's what you do."

Channing: "They didn't even try to stop me. They were like 'All right. That's probably a good idea."

Oof. That probably happens to actors more often than they like to admit. But things tend to happen for a reason. And based on what Channing has said about "G.I. Joe," he probably wishes he had been rejected for that role.

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