Nancy Grace: You have multiple name-drops ahead!

First, it was noted that the "Deadpool" trailers show Miller's character, Weasel, comparing Ryan Reynolds's gruesome face as Wade Wilson/Deadpool to "the inside of other people's a--holes," a "topographical map of Utah," and "an avocado [that] had sex with an older avocado," etc. So Zimbio asked about other ways Weasel described his face that didn't quite make the cut.

Here's Miller's response:

"Well, we didn't get one in that I really loved which was, 'You look like a trucker took a sh-t on your shoulder and shaved the ears off either side.' That did not make the cut. 'You look like you pulled the inside of your a--hole out of your back and reached into your neck and pulled your anus all the way through and wrapped it over your head.' We also have some other ones that are pretty complicated: 'You look like if all the veins of all the men's penises in this room jumped onto your head.' Here's another one: 'You look like Nancy Grace. You are just as detrimental to the culture of fear that you're engendering in America as she is.'"

Gorgeous. Zimbio had a good follow-up, asking Miller, "For the record, what does Ryan Reynolds' face look like to you?" In real life? Well, Miller answered, "It looks like a less attractive Nancy Grace, if that's possible." Somehow we can't see Blake Lively marrying a less attractive Nancy Grace, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Needless to say, whenever this bad boy drops on Blu-ray/DVD it should have some a--kicking bonus features.

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