Wondering what's going on in the magical town of Rosewood? Oh you know, just the usual stalking and murder, nothing to see here. The only new development is that the ladies of "Pretty Little Liars" are 100 percent convinced that Sara Harvey is A due to the fact that she uses emojis. Their brilliant theory? Emojis are easier to type when you have #ElectrocutedHands. *Shrug*

Get caught up on the details in our recap, and please prepare your already-devastated heart because Spencer and Caleb made out all over the place and it was truly horrifying.

In Which Aria Is Disgusted by Her Parents

Last time we checked on Aria she was convinced her dad was a deranged killer, a theory we've been on board with since the formative years of PLL. Tragically for us, Daddy Montgomery has an alibi: he's having middle-aged sex with Aria's mom. Yay for Byron not being a killer, but AUGH, no child should have to see their parents exhibit that much PDA. Praying for you, Aria.

Oh, and speaking of unwanted public displays of affection, Spencer and Caleb are still having sex / seductively eating blueberries together while ruining our lives. Clearly, Freeform has very different ratings than ABC Family, because their scenes are all kinds of steamy, and our eyeballs just can't deal. The good news is that Spencer and Caleb are super smart and actually get things done, including hacking into Toby's girlfriend's phone when she accidentally leaves it at a coffee shop. So far they've found out approximately nothing interesting, but hey — they don't call him Clever Caleb for nothing. (Kidding, no one calls him that.)

In Which A Is Kinda-Sorta-Maybe Taken Down

Look, as much as we love Hanna's shirtless fiance, let's not pretend that this relationship is acceptable to our collective inner shipper. Hanna and Caleb need to be together, and they got a chance to chill (not to be confused with Netflix and Chill) while creating a fake hard-drive to trap A. No, sparks aren't exactly flying, but at least Caleb actually manages to trick A into inserting a faux hard drive (read: secret virus) into his/her computer. A: 1,000. Liars: 1.

In other news, Ali's back in town and takes Emily to donate her eggs. That's sweet and all, but is she by Em's side when she has a crazy fever dream about Sara Harvey drugging her? Nope, not so much. Also, said fever dream might be a reality, so if Emily drops dead you know why.

In Which Sara Harvey Is the Creepiest EVER

Let's talk more about this Sara Harvey character, because there's lots to discuss. First of all, she's taken to lurking around Rosewood High (someone put her on a watch list immediately) and wants to be BFF with Ali. But more importantly, she's staying in CeCe Drake's old cell at the Radley Hotel, a fact that Aria and Spencer find out when they break in. They also find a) a casual collection of fake gloved hands, and b) a tunnel into the depths of the hotel. And yes, Aria gets lost down there, because of course. Did you really have to ask?