Martin Lawrence and Will SmithIt's been almost 13 years since the last "Bad Boys" flick hit theaters, but that doesn't mean that "Bad Boys 3" is dead. In fact, star Will Smith just confirmed that the long-awaited threequel is "definitely" happening -- and it may be hitting theaters sooner than you think.

Smith spilled the details in an interview with BBC Radio 1Xtra, in which he chatted about his long career and whether or not he'd make any more sequels to his previous hit films. While he's not involved with "Independence Day: Resurgence," and there are no plans for a "Wild Wild West 2," Smith did say that he would be making another "Bad Boys" flick alongside original costar Martin Lawrence.

"I saw Martin a few weeks ago, and I hadn't seen him for about two years," Smith explained to the BBC. "And we just looked at each other, we hugged, and in that moment, we both knew we were making another 'Bad Boys.' So we're definitely doing another one."

That's great news for fans of the franchise (which began with the first flick in 1995, followed by sequel "Bad Boys II" in 2003), who have waited for more than a decade for a follow-up. Studio Sony got fans' hopes up again last August when they announced a release date for not one but two more sequels, "Bad Boys 3" and "Bad Boys 4," though no further information about the flicks was revealed at that time. Now, based on Smith's comments, it looks like perhaps the studio just needed to get its stars aligned (and figure out their schedules) before making an announcement about the cast and plot.

As it stands now, the tentative release date on the books for "Bad Boys 3" is February 17, 2017. We'll see if anything changes going forward.

[via: BBC Radio 1Xtra]

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