"The Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon has gotten a lot of mileage out of his spot-on Donald Trump impression, but he just broke out his best Sen. Bernie Sanders for a fake New Hampshire victory speech -- complete with references to Red Lobster, and Hillary Clinton as "She Who Must Not Be Named": Bernie Sanders' New Hampshire Victory Speech (Jimmy Fallon)
Of course, Larry David has already put his stamp on Bernie Sanders for "Saturday Night Live," and Sanders even showed up on SNL last weekend alongside his impersonator. (Hillary Clinton did something similar earlier this SNL season, for a sketch with Kate McKinnon. And SNL's two past and present Hillary impersonators, Amy Poehler and McKinnon, did a sketch together. SNL is still trying to get a handle on Ted Cruz, with Taran Killam going for a pretty brutal impression this past weekend in the Cold Open.)

Here's a video of Larry David as Sanders, from one of SNL's debate sketches:

Since Bernie is clearly in this race for the long haul, fans should get used to seeing impressions of him almost as often as impressions of Trump. (Trump is irresistible, even to Johnny Depp.) So who does the best Bernie?

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