The main star of "Criminal" seems to be Kevin Costner as a convict with "no impulse control" and "a totally lack of empathy" for anyone, but the first trailer also shows what the daughter of Deadpool and Wonder Woman might look like. 'Cause you know you were wondering.

Costner's criminal gets an implant in his head containing the memories and skills of a dead CIA intelligence officer. That dead agent is played by Ryan Reynolds. The dead agent's wife is played by Gal Gadot. Gary Oldman and Tommy Lee Jones appear in the trailer as government bigshots of some kind -- bad guys? -- who want the information that is now in Costner's head.

The trailer shows us that the events of the film give Costner's criminal the sense of empathy he previously lacked, including a connection to the widow and daughter left behind.

If the plot sounds a little bit like the other recent Ryan Reynolds movie, "Self/less," well, maybe/maybe not. Besides, this one has Commissioner Gordon and Wonder Woman, who actually gets to speak in the new/final "Batman v Superman" trailer.

Anyway, watch the trailer and judge for yourself:

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