Roadies"The music is good. And you meet some great people."

That line, uttered by Carla Gugino in the first trailer for Showtime's "Roadies," essentially sums up the drama created by Cameron Crowe. The writer/director returns to his "Almost Famous" roots to depict the lives of the crew supporting a fictional band.

The roadies are the people who build the stage, set up the lighting and sound, and keep the equipment in good shape so that the band can make musical magic.

"Roadies" stars Gugino, Luke Wilson, Imogen Poots, Rafe Spall, Keisha Castle-Hughes, and Luis Guzman as eclectic crew members who form an unconventional, but tight-knit family, with all the squabbling, shenanigans, and genuine warmth that entails.

Crowe hasn't made a well-received movie in awhile, but perhaps he will receive the acclaim he had earlier in his career with this "Almost Famous"/"Singles" mashup.

The series debuts Sunday, June 26 on Showtime.

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