Bastille DayAs if we need further proof that Idris Elba would make a fine James Bond, here he is kicking ass and taking names in the new trailer for "Bastille Day."

He plays a CIA agent in Paris who recruits a young pickpocket (Richard Madden, aka Robb Stark from Game of Thrones) who gets mixed up in a dangerous conspiracy after inadvertently lifting a bag containing more than a wallet. They embark on a mission to uncover corruption, all in the midst of protests on Bastille Day.

Elba has already proven he can shoot guns and punch bad guys, and look really good doing it. That, and the glint of sardonic humor he shows, is exactly why so many fans want him to be the next 007 after Daniel Craig. He and Madden seem to work well together, and as a buddy cop-type action thriller, "Bastille Day" looks like heart-pumping fun.

The movie opens in the U.K. on April 22, but has no U.S. release date yet.

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