"Deadpool" Fan EventWith the massive success of "The Late Late Show" Wednesday night, and James Corden -- who fanboyed over RR like a pro -- asked about the six months Ryan trained to get into shape for "Deadpool." Ryan had previously said he "worked out like a British person," and as a British person, James wanted to know what the heck that meant.

So Ryan explained, "No, no, no. For the movie I tried to train like one-tenth of what Hugh Jackman does. But in my normal life, yeah, I train a little bit like a British person. I've been to one British gym and everyone's sort of doing this, if I may..."

He demonstrated three lunges with raised arms. James said that's absolutely right, that's what British people do at gyms.

Ryan: "And then they just go home. Three or four and then they're done."

Watch him in non-action:

So when he's not training for "Deadpool" he's basically not working out much at all. He's still doing a lot more than some of us, who work out by stepping away from the desk long enough to go to the kitchen for more junk food, but this "British person move" looks easy enough for us to try two or three a day. Thanks for the inspiration, Deadpool!

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