Teen movies were such a strong staple of the '90s that perhaps one day they will be studied by archaeologists in order to understand American youth at the turn of the 20th century. Sure, the genre still exists, but we'll always long for classics that embody the Hollywood high school spirit of "Can't Hardly Wait" and "She's All That." And '90s teen movies typically came with female characters who everyone wanted to be with... or just be. These ladies defined the era and some of them changed the way we dressed, acted, and talked forever.

Here, we rank a few unforgettable '90s teen movie dream girls, from just "whatever" to mind-blowingly awesome. Let it be known that rank position has nothing to do with looks (duh, they're all total Bettys), but is based on factors such as cultural impact, untouchable "it" factor, overall personality, and general badass-ery. Put on your fave choker and take a look back.