The civil war is not-so-civil when it comes to "Deadpool."

"Captain America: Civil War" is already in the can, but Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. are still trying to recruit for Team Cap and Team Iron Man. And they both want Ryan Reynolds's hot new superhero in town on their side.

Chris Evans fired the first shot with an innocent compliment to Ryan Reynolds, which the "Deadpool" star retweeted with his team choice:

OK, but that hurt Robert Downey Jr.'s feelings -- and he made a good point about Steve Rogers probably not appreciating Deadpool's language:

Chris Evans had a great comeback to that, too:

Language! But yeah, don't tell the Marvel brass ... or Cap ... or Chris's mom. But it's all moot because Deadpool doesn't give a poop about Team Iron Man or Team Cap:

No word yet from Hello Kitty, but she's probably Team Black Widow, right? Deadpool is a Marvel Comics character, like Cap and Iron Man, even if "Deadpool" is part of 20th Century Fox's "X-Men" film series. They are all kind of like kissing cousins, no? "Civil War" comes out May 6, and it has high hopes to do even better than "Deadpool" with critics and audiences. One star even thinks it has a shot at a Best Picture Oscar.

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