Winter is Trumping over on "Game of Thrones."

We all know Donald Trump wants to build a wall at the Mexico border, and HBO's show doesn't just have a place called The Wall, guarded by Jon Snow and the Night's Watch, it has also featured several other instances of insiders wanting to keep outsiders away. YouTuber huw parkinson cleverly combined a few scenes in this mashup, which starts with asylum-seeker Daenerys Targaryen getting shut down by Trump outside Qarth, and also includes Trump using wildfire to stop Stannis on the Blackwater -- he did say he wanted to bring back worse than waterboarding! -- Trump muttering complaints about the Pope to King's Landing's small council, and Trump defying Jon Snow's direct order at The Wall.

It's hilarious and fitting, and of course features a political debate in the comments section, but whatever -- just watch for the entertainment value:

The real "Game of Thrones" returns Sunday, April 24.

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