The Tanners aren't the only ones returning when "Fuller House" finally arrives this Friday, February 26 on Netflix. DJ's best friend, Kimmy Gibbler, is stepping into a major role as one of the series's three leads. Andrea Barber talked to The Hollywood Reporter about Kimmy's return and how they decided what she'd be doing at this point in time, when the character and the actress are both 39.

The photo above is Kimmy with Fernando, her "estranged" husband, with whom she has a daughter, Ramona. Modern Kimmy is also an entrepreneur with her own party planning business, but that wasn't always going to be her profession.

Here's what Barber told THR:

"We thought at first maybe she should have a very eclectic background that nobody would expect, like maybe she is a translator for the United Nations and she speaks like four different languages. So she comes in speaking Russian and French and she's a translator for all of these international ambassadors. We thought nobody would see that coming.

Another idea we threw around was Kimmy having a snack-making business at home, like Gibbler's Nibblers. She ran her own cookie business out of the basement of the home. And eventually we settled on party planning just because it fits so well with the character -- there's so much potential there for elaborate parties and parties gone wrong and parties gone right and theme parties. I'm glad we settled on party planner."

Gibbler's Nibblers! Kimmy as a UN translator would've been hilarious, but party planner does make sense. Barber also weighed in on the idea of her character being in a complicated relationship with her (hot) husband:

"When they announced the casting of Juan Pablo Di Pace as Fernando, I could practically hear the collective jaw-dropping of Internet about how did Kimmy land such a hot guy as her husband?! (Laughs) So there is some interesting backstory there that the viewers will see on Fuller House.

He's an estranged husband. He's not quite an ex-husband yet, but they're headed that way, but are they headed that way? There's a lot of great storylines coming up for Kimmy and Fernando, and I can't wait for everybody to see it because those are my favorite scenes."

It already sounds like Kimmy and Fernando will probably get back together, but the journey is all, and fans get to see it play out this week. Do you think they should've made Kimmy a UN translator, or the owner of Gibbler's Nibblers which should seriously be a bakery we can visit?

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