When you have 10 minutes to spare, do yourself a favor and watch Kevin Spacey do Christopher Walken and Jack Lemmon impressions while reading "House of Cards" scenes written by very confused children. The real Netflix series returns March 4, but while on "The Tonight Show" Tuesday night, Spacey and Jimmy Fallon held a "MasterClass Junior" to read three scenes written by elementary school kids who were only given the title "House of Cards" and had to write scripts from there.

The results are priceless.

Actually, even the start is priceless: Before Spacey and Fallon read the scenes, they competed for the young judges's votes, since the kids would decide, in the end, who was the better actor. During that intro, Fallon roasted Spacey in a way that got a massive LOL from the actor. The joke was too racy for the kids to understand, but considering the kids wrote lines like "What's up, tuna butt," there's clearly a lot they don't understand about "House of Cards."

One of the kids even told Spacey, very sweetly, "I don't get you." Spacey's response, "Well, let me tell you, you can get in line." Bless him.

Watch the video:

MasterClass Junior with Kevin Spacey

FYI, the bit is based on Spacey's real MasterClass, which is now available at www.masterclass.com.

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