It actually wouldn't be a surprise to hear that "The Walking Dead" shot Negan's (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) big Season 6 finale entrance five or six different ways, to throw off spoilers. There's still no guarantee that they'll follow Robert Kirkman's comic book on his storyline, but it sounds like they want to follow the comic when it comes to Negan's potty mouth.

Negan drops the f-bomb in every other word on the page, but AMC is not HBO, so it's always been a mystery how they would manage to keep Negan the same character fans love to hate to love without cleaning up his f--king language the way Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) was forced to say "screwing with the wrong people" instead of f--king.

On that note, Entertainment Weekly talked to The Powers That Be about Negan's arrival, and confirmed that it was shot in two different ways, with an f-bomb maybe making it onto AMC and, if not, at least showing up on the DVD/Blu-ray release as a more profane cut.

Comic-Con International 2015 - CBS TV Studios Lineup Including "Extant," "Limitless," "Scorpion," "Under The Dome" and "Zoo"EW got f-bomb comments from showrunner Scott M. Gimple, comic book writer/exec producer Robert Kirkman, director/exec producer/special effects guru Greg Nicotero, and star Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Gimple told EW his goal is to give people "full-octane Negan," adding, "I'm still playing around with it, but I will say I do have the material two ways right now. I'll see what I can do with it. One way or another I want people to see full-octane Negan. Will I be able to shoot every scene like that? Probably not, but to tell you the truth, I think we will get as close to the version of full-octane Negan as we can through some version of the show or another."

Nicotero told EW, "There is a rhythm to it that even in some of the takes that we did. What I affectionately call the 'f— takes' have a completely different rhythm to them and a completely different feel. So while editing it, I was very careful to make sure that I preserved a lot of the performance without getting myself into trouble with the profanity."

It's kind of funny how much negotiating has to happen to get the word f--k on a cable show with this much violence on a weekly basis. But welcome to 'merica!

"The Walking Dead" airs Episode 11 this Sunday, opposite the Oscars. Negan shows up in Episode 16.

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