PLL recap Things that happened on "Pretty Little Liars" this week: Aria managed to light herself on fire, Ezra lost all remaining semblance of sanity, and we finally found out why Spencer and Toby broke up. Spoiler alert: it was slightly political. Yep, PLL is getting real, and we're going along for the ride. (Also, by "ride" we definitely mean the supped-up Monster Truck that tried to run down Emily.)

In Which Aria and Ezra Make Everyone Uncomfortable

Remember when Aria (sorry, Reverend Aria) officiated her parents wedding and it was super weird in every sense of the word? Turns out A was at the nuptials, and left Aria some deranged messages in the flower arrangements. Wow, zero chill to be found. In other news, Aria and Ezra are now co-writing a book together (the natural next step in their totally normal not-at-all strange relationship), and Ezra reveals that he wants Aria to voice the character of his ex-girlfriend, Nicole, who died in a mysterious overseas accident. Or something. Honestly, it's all so bizarre and confusing, we're happier remembering the simpler times when Ezra was a mere teacher having an affair with his underage student.

In Which Toby Punches Caleb, Feels All the Feelings to Be Felt

Everyone'sfavorite kindergarten cop is having a lot of feelings, and as usual they are both hilarious and vaguely pathetic. Poor Toby is all rilled up thinking Caleb leaked news about his girlfriend's abortion, so he wanders over to House Hastings and punches him in the face. The good news? Spencer eventually tells him the truth about Caleb. The bad news? She reveals that A is back, and knowing Toby he's going to react by accidentally getting high AF on gummy bears.

Also, we get a flashback to Spencer and Toby's breakup, and it turns out they parted ways after having a pregnancy scare their sophomore year. Toby wanted to keep the baby and move in with Spencer, but she seemed somewhat iffy and admitted that she considered an abortion. Way to be progressive, PLL! Also this entire scene takes place in the dark, because apparently Spencer's dorm doesn't have lightbulbs.

In Which Aria Explodes into Flame

Hanna's going to the chapel, and she's going to get married! Or, at least she's going to have a bridal party, which seems like a terrible idea considering the fact that most parties in Rosewood involve murder. Naturally, Hanna's soiree ends up being a huge fail because A programs Logan's "smart loft" to partially explode. In fact, Aria bursts into flames. Poor girl ends up in the ER, and then Ezra wanders up unannounced like the desperate semi-drunk that he is and makes her read with him while she fights back tears. Oh, and this is after she's forced to go to the police station for a line-up. Sigh, her life.

In Which Emily Does Something Useful

Important town update: Rosewood has a greasy car shop! We know this because Emily spends most of the episode trolling around it in an attempt to find the car that almost ran her over. Obviously she fails (typical), but she does find out that Melissa isn't a suspect, and manages to use her powers of sleuthing to discover that Mona called Charlotte at the diner on the night she died. No clue what Mona's up to, but we will henceforth be referring to Emily as Sherlock Holmes. She's literally the only liar with any detective skills, and that includes professional policeman Toby Cavanaugh.