Planet of the ApesWho doesn't love a good twist ending to a movie? The folks at CineFix have released another great video roundup, this time for the 10 best twists in movie history.

Now, if you don't want to be spoiled, stop right here. And certainly don't watch the video, since they ruin, as they say, "like 47 and a half movies." (In fact, there's probably someone out there yelling at our use of the photo above, from 1968's "Planet of the Apes." This is how bad spoiler-phobia has gotten.)

In any case, they mention many of the usual suspects, including "The Usual Suspects.""The Empire Strikes Back" is not No. 1 (we won't spoil you on what did take the top spot), but ranks very highly. And no wonder — even kids today can't get over that movie's big reveal.

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