tituss burgess, titus, unbreakable kimmy schmidt, pinot noir, peeno noir, pinot by titussTituss Burgess was easily the breakout star of the first season of "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt," cementing his status as fan favorite with his onscreen alter ego's song, "Peeno Noir," a delightfully idiosyncratic ode to the male anatomy. Now, Burgess is bringing his signature brand to the masses in the form of a new wine.

The actor announced on Instagram this week that he's now the face of Pinot by Tituss, a Santa Barbara County, California pinot noir produced in collaboration with Anthony Allport, the owner of the Fine Wine Agency, Bespoke Wine Services, and Fun Wine Co. According to TV Insider, the beverage has been "stainless-steel fermented then oak-barrel aged for eight months," and contains "aromas of dried fruits, slate, subtle rosemary, coriander and roses [that] lead to flavors of plum and black cherry cola ... with tones of toasted oak and leather." Sounds just as complex as the "Peeno Noir" lyrics.

According to the Pinot by Tituss website, the wine retails for $24.99 per bottle, and is available for pre-order now (it's also available to purchase by the case, for you diehard "Peeno"/pinot fans). It will ship starting on March 14, just in time for fans to enjoy alongside the return of "Kimmy Schmidt," which will debut its second season on Netflix on April 15.

Until then, enjoy the clip of Burgess's original "Peeno Noir" below.

[via: Tituss Burgess, TV Insider]

Photo credit: Tituss Burgess/Instagram

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