Marvel's Captain America: Civil WarSpider-Man/Peter Parker (Tom Holland)Photo Credit: Film Frame© Marvel 2016Hey, everyone, meet Tom Holland as Spider-Man, aka "Underoos"! He showed up, as expected/hoped, in a nice little coda at the end of the new world trailer for "Captain America: Civil War."

That's probably going to be the big takeaway from the new trailer, which also shows Captain America () and Iron Man () beating the crap out of each other. And since Tony Stark is the one who pretty much summons Spider-Man's sticky powers at the end, to steal Cap's shield (!), does that mean he's officially Team Iron Man?

Watch the trailer: Marvel's Captain America: Civil War (2016) - Trailer No. 2
There was a lot of will they/won't they speculation about including Spider-Man in the trailer. Fans wanted to see him. But there were also good arguments for keeping him a big surprise for the big screen.

Collider made the point that some people, who just watch trailers, may not even have realized that Spider-Man was meant to be in the movie, and it could've been a pleasant surprise for them in the theater. Not everyone follows celeb news, they just go see a superhero movie when it shows up. And it's not like no one would show up if they didn't show us Peter Parker first. And there's always the possibility that fans would have a negative reaction to Spider-Man -- you know how the Internet loves to judge based on very little information -- and that disappointment could dampen the hype.

But anyway, they did show us Spidey (if not Peter Parker) and other cool stuff, like this dude:

So what do you think, so far? The movie opens May 6.

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