Oh, Paul Rudd, you would've shined up like a new penny as Jack Dawson. Then again, Paul admitted that the guy who got the role in "Titanic" did a pretty good job.

Paul Rudd and Diane Lane were guests last night on "The Late Late Show with James Corden," and both stars talked about huge roles they didn't quite get. Diane Lane said she was one of the many actresses who auditioned for "Pretty Woman," which originally had a much, much darker story than the Cinderella movie they made with Julia Roberts.

Paul said he auditioned for "Titanic," joking that he went for Kate Winslet's role. Paul said he really wanted to get the part that (obviously) went to Leonardo DiCaprio, because his dad was a Titanic historian. "That was what he did for a living. He used to take people all over the world taking about the Titanic. So I knew so much about the ship." He went into the audition talking about all these technical details, but the casting people were not impressed.

James had Paul and Diane recreate Jack and Rose's iconic flying scene at the railing, with Paul shouting, "I'm king of the world!"

Watch them in action:

Gotta love James Corden doing his best James Cameron with the direction.

Speaking of James and Paul, you should also -- after you finish eating -- watch them have a really long, awkward conversation at the urinal:

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