It's not easy to make Jimmy Kimmel blush, but Gal Gadot caught him off guard last night on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." The stunning Israeli actress -- whose name is pronounced Gal (like gal vs guy) GuhDOTTTT (hard T) -- plays Wonder Woman in both "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," which comes out next week, and "Wonder Woman," which is filming right now for release in 2017.

Gal first joked that it was sad that Jimmy was cut from "Batman v Superman" (see this story for hilarious reference) and said he should be in "Wonder Woman." Jimmy said he could be her love interest instead of Chris Pine, but she wasn't so sure about that.

Jimmy told her he saw "Batman v Superman" and knows how serious comic book nerds can be, since he's one of them. That's when Gal made him blush by quipping, "Oh, what did you think about my breasts?"

Jimmy: "What?!"

She said it very sweetly, and seemed to think that was the natural direction of the conversation, since he mentioned comic book fans, and she knows one of the complaints about her casting was that she was considered too thin and not voluptuous enough for the character. Jimmy used the moment to do some research and stared at her chest. He said he had no problem with her breasts, he had questions about Wonder Woman's costume.

The conversation continued to be great from there. Watch the video:

How can you not love her? She makes her debut as Wonder Woman in BvS, which is coming out Friday, March 25.

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